Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's a frame-up

All (mostly) of the windows and doors cut out. Bathroom window and the cutout for the swamp cooler are still to go.

Here's our window frames. Since we're cutting out a lot of the strength in the walls, we need to add it back in!
The rough-ins were plasma cut out, then we used an angle grinder on them to smooth out the cut edges and finish the sizing.

Then we hoisted the windows onto a rolling scaffold, then into the frames to test fit them.

The next phase starts, which involved welding tabs to the interior wall for the studs, and a little bit of exterior cleanup.


Here's how we're doing the wall studs:
They're then bolted to an angle piece welded to the container.


Once the studs went started looking like a real house, really quick. Here's the start of the ceiling supports and the fire blocks. Tomorrow we're pouring more concrete, and on Tuesday we are building the end cap wall!

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