Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's been a while...

I do apologize for not making any updates. We got busy with school and work, and not much finishing has been done to the house. However, I can update you on what we've discovered already while living here:

1. Insulation is key. Our walls are equal to or greater than what's recommended for this area, and due to the large dead space underneath the house, we have been able to heat it quite comfortably with a room heater rated for 150 sq ft.
2. Finish sealing your doors before it starts getting into the 30's at night. Brrr!

We are going to be starting on our carport, sidewalk, and garden area this month, with concrete being poured next month (6-8 yards in total).

Soon, I will hopefully have pictures of our finished bathroom (because it's not quite done yet), finished base boards, and finished outside windows.

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