Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The long-awaited and probably underwhelming...

bathroom pictures!

Here it is! Yes, the sink plumbing is exposed on purpose. Since we don't have any small children to worry about, it doesn't present a safety issue, and enabled us to tuck the drawers in there.

This little guy holds headbands/hair coverings/reading materials

The flooring extends up the wall and ceiling of the shower. The rest of the bathroom ceiling/walls are conventional.

The shower pan is 3'x4', and has a custom leg-shaving foot rest.

The sink/fixture is from IKEA, as is the red set of drawers.
The bathroom as a whole is 8'x4'(approx). It was a priority of ours to make the bathroom a nice place to be/look at first thing in the morning, because that really does set the tone for your whole day.

  • The door/enclosure is custom by a local company. A
  • I love the riverrock, it's very easy to clean and doesn't show hard water spots.
  • No, I didn't clean up very much for these pictures, I wanted it to look like it does every day so people can see how useable it is.
  • Yes, two people can be in here brushing teeth/shaving/doing morning rituals, if you're friendly!
  • We love it!

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