Saturday, November 26, 2011

Concrete, again

Some days I'm pretty sure that we like concrete too much. This is not one of those days.

We finished pouring new sidewalks, a driveway entrance pad, new fenceposts ( to section off the area over the septic tank to protect it from big trucks) and some extra sidewalk for the big house. The whole thing has taken three days total.

The forms in place the day we got the 12 ton load of road bed and gravel for the driveway.

Alan putting in road bed in what will be the walkway to the shop, to build it up.

The day we poured concrete. The gravel running horizontally through the picture runs to the front gate, past the garage for the big house. That and most of this concrete has always been in the works, as the drainage here is very poor in the rain. 

The walkway goes up to the big house.

This pad is reenforced with rebar and 6"x6" steel mesh so it can be driven over by heavy trucks.

The walkway up to our house. 

The third day of concrete:

Formed. Now, the walkway to the big house connects with the driveway.

Screeding the second half of the path to the shop.

Second pathway.
All in all, a few great days. The sidewalks make it much easier to get around, and when it rains, will enable us to actually use the outdoors without slipping and tracking mud. The area between the two walkways in front of the tiny house will be filled with gravel as well for drainage, and will lead into our carport.

The carport materials come in on Tuesday the 29th, but I'm not sure when we'll be working on it. The interior of the house has changed a bit-- Alan and I now sit next to one another, and the corner where I was sitting is now for the radiant heater and a small cat tree. It opens up the floor quite a bit, and the cats are very happy to be able to hang out there all day.

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