Monday, December 5, 2011


For some reason, the carport did not come in on the 29th of last month, and now we're not sure when it will be here. In addition to that, the weather absolutely hasn't been cooperative with us. Overnight lows in the mid-teens, winds gusting to 60mph, make for generally miserable conditions to work in.

However, we have made some progress. My garden area is ready to be planted once the carport is up (I want to reduce the wind coming around the north corner, and the south corner will not be planted until spring), and we've graveled in the driveway.
Where my chair previously was is now the preferred hangout for the cats.

What was in the dog water bowl we keep outside at the end of our 10 am.

The small garden area, rock in the driveway, cured concrete, and Christmas lights!

Next up on the project list (now stuck to our 'mailbox' with a magnet') is installing pathway lighting in the 3" beam horizontals underneath the deck, forming the pad for the carport/the end of the walkway, winterizing our swamp cooler, making Christmas gifts, irrigating the garden, installing the carport, and a handful of other things. The project as a whole is taking a while, but it's still quicker than conventional housing.

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