Sunday, May 22, 2011


Unfortunately the past few days have been a hibernation period of sorts. We went and bought doors and windows (one 5' sliding patio door, one 36" front door with an opening window, 3 4'x3' horizontal opening windows, and a bathroom window), and talked to our 'welding guy' Paul. While Alan and Alan Sr are competent welders, Paul is an incredibly professional perfectionist, and will be framing in the doors and windows, as well as doing the basis for the roof and porch.

Today the guidelines for the windows are being laid out by Alan Sr while Alan and for finals. Paul will be over on Wednesday to start, so I should have some pictures and more detailed on how we're doing the windows soon.

The framing will probably be done by the end of next week(?) as with the plumbing. We may move the container early so as not to risk damaging anything. I'm calling sprayfoam contractors tomorrow to get bids on that as well.

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