Monday, May 9, 2011


Under the arrows are six 2'x2'x4' holes. Two on each end of the conex, and one in the middle of the long side. The string you see running off in the foreground is not the border of the container, it simply marks the corner of the fence line you see in the corner.

On top of these holes will go the forms to the left.

And into those, 18" diameter rebar reinforcement.

The conex will not simply be resting on these, it will by tied into the structure and rendered, for most values of earthquake, earthquake proof.

The short ends will be facing north and south, with the 'open' end facing north. This allows us to place the front door and most of the windows on the west face of the container, which is sheltered from the direction of the prevailing wind.

This was all accomplished this weekend, and construction is now on hold for the work week. I believe we are pouring concrete on Wednesday, May 11 in the afternoon. I will update with pictures then, and will try to get an update in with our tentative floor plan and design.

One of the challenges that we face is that because of how flexible container building is, no two builds are the same.

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