Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've been glossing over the stressful parts of this build (already!), because I really don't know how to write about it.

It's mainly been an issue of too many cooks, I think. Which is appropriate, because the main issue has been the layout of the kitchen (and to a lesser extent, the bathroom). Our goal is to minimize the length that the kitchen takes up in order to give us more room in the living room and bedroom. This meant a galley kitchen with no countertops on the short end of the container-- saving us 2 ft in length at a minimum.

The argument against this is that we are 'wasting' that 7' of space on that wall.

The other issue has been one for me-- I have a bum knee (multiple dislocations, fractured patella, torn/obliterated meniscus, and a lateral release, 2 screws, in April '04) and needed to design everything with mobility in mind. This means doorways, hallways, and the bathroom need to be navigable on crutches or with a cane, in case I do something stupid and hurt myself again (last time I hurt my knee was a few weeks ago, and as far as I can figure, I did it in my sleep and crippled myself for days).

The final final final plan is going to be hashed out tonight, as we are buying windows this week and cutting holes in the container to place them. The general layout is fixed, it's just fine-tuning the kitchen and bathroom (vanity v.s. wall sink, fridge size, some issues with pet supplies storage, window size and placement). We also have to find the smallest sliding glass patio door possible for emergency egress in the bedroom without torpedoing our wall space.

There have been some squabbles amongst the design team (Alan Sr, Marie, Myself, and Alan) over the kitchen, because the younger set wants to go very modern open shelving, modular workspace style-- whereas Alan Sr and Marie are leaning more traditional overhead cabinets, built-in kitchen, possibly u-shaped.

On a lighter note: this is my favorite house ever. I would copy it exactly if I could-- love the kitchen, love the teal in the bedroom with all my heart.


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