Friday, January 27, 2012

A wardrobe change

Why is our dresser gone and the bed piled with clothes?

Because we went to see some very talented workers and picked up this baby. It's a wardrobe custom built to fit our space. 48" wide and about 80" tall, it's a behemoth. We were very wrong when we thought that a small dresser would be able to hold all of our clothes, and it was getting a little ridiculous. 

First, the toekick was leveled and screwed to the wall and supported at the floor.

Since there's no way we could have fit the wardrobe into the house and moved it into position in one piece, it was built in four sections. Two 16"x40" cabinets, and two 32"x40". This is the first section. 

 And the second, a 32" section divided into two 16" spaces. The cubby is for our alarm clock.

And this part is the best idea we've ever had. This section of cabinet has no shelves, and serves as the laundry hamper. A quick right out of the bathroom after a shower and you deposit your dirty clothes on the way to get clean ones.

 The second 16" section. All of the sections are screwed to one another and the wall, and it's very solidly built.

 And the last section. This is why it is built this way-- we needed to still be able to access the breaker box.

 As you can see, we had our usual canine supervisory team in place.

 All the sections mounted and secured, and the clock in place.

 Shelves arranged so that the door to the breaker box opens.

And the all important view from the bed, with all of the clean clothes put away. Much better, and a nice simple look, than a too-small dresser. We are currently brainstorming ideas to liven up the left wall a bit with a stripe of the bathroom exterior color, and/or a long shelf for display purposes. We'll see! 

These are melamine covered cabinets, and the color on the front is from the Arborite company, called Tatami Wasabi. The color is probably most accurate in the first and last pictures of mine. 

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