Friday, January 13, 2012

We turned 8 months old today.

On Friday the 13th of May, we poured the very first concrete pier.

My little garden. Red kale seen on the left (and interspersed), then Red Hot Poker, then pansies, then irises.
The front steps. The concrete piece will be a big planter, and my succulents that are barely hanging on will stay atop the poles. What has been cleared of gravel will eventually be concrete.

The living room. Please excuse the weird things lying around, today was sweeping day.

And a preview of what is coming in the next couple of weeks. It addresses our biggest miscalculation in the construction of our home.

In the shot of the living room you can see that we have carpeted the kitchen. This was a foot-saving measure for the winter cold, and will not be permanent! A big pretty rug may eventually go there if we can find one for a decent price, though.

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