Monday, January 9, 2012

Well, poop.

My camera has been sent of for (theoretical) repairs, but the person working the counter informed me that my warranty (which would cover the problems I was having) would likely be voided due to a crack on the back screen cover (which doesn't affect anything). The upshot of this is that we may be without a camera to call our own for a while, since we can't really afford to buy a new one right now.

In the mean time, imagine....

Our garden now has some small (~1year old) Red Hot Poker bushes, and yellow iris rhizomes with some brave little leaves on them. In there are also some clumps of pansies, and tomorrow I am adding in some small red kale plants for a bit of unique color. By our stairs are now three telephone pole pieces to hold my succulent pots, and a LARGE reclaimed section of a concrete irrigation weir which will hold some soon-to-be-determined flowering plant(s).  Our front stoop area will be concrete poured around this section of weir, connecting the landing pad at the end of our steps with the walkway and 'garage floor' on the north end of the house.

I will try to borrow a camera tomorrow and get pictures of all of this. 

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