Saturday, July 23, 2011

Also, it was some other stuff day

 After we unmasked all of the painting, everyone was very energized, so...we put up the awning metal.

 We also put on the solar screen! It looks so much different now, it's actually a little startling. We are utterly in love with it!
 Yesterday, we built our bed. Here's Alan standing in the frame.

  The frame being built. It's redwood 2x6's dovetailed together, then screwed to a 1/4" wall angle which is bolted to the floor. The bottom of the frame is 22" high.

The 4x4 is fixed, but the 2x4's can be removed.

The bed platform can be lifted with the blue strap you can see at the top. We have six 18 gallon storage tubs, and six 9 gallon tubs tucked underneath.
This isn't quite finished, but here's the bed and about 1/3 of the bedroom storage (there's an additional cabinet that runs across the back wall, and a dresser). We decided to camp out tonight (no toilet or shower, it's totally camping!) on the bed and are very excited for it.

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