Monday, July 11, 2011

The day before tomorrow

Because tomorrow is a big, big day and this is just a little bitty update.
Our kitchen cabinets are in, and the countertop support for the northeast corner has been fabricated. The dog and cat food storage will be under here, as will their water supply.
Like usual, it's a bit of overkill..
The window is masked off because...

We have a deck! The metal is primered and painted, and the deck boards are 2x6 redwood.

We started insulating/sealing where the container meets concrete today.


This is the fairly comfortable underside to the container. As you can see, we aren't plumbed yet-- that and electricity come tomorrow! I'm very, very excited. In addition to that, the metal panels for the porch and awning come tomorrow, in addition to the screens and shower door! We may also have a kitchen counter tomorrow, which would be wonderful.

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