Thursday, July 28, 2011

The blog''s coming from inside the house!

We moved in! Nothing is really 100% done yet, but it's all finish stuff. Though we are almost completely moved into the kitchen, the handles still need to be put on (currently in progress), and our drinking classes unpacked. Our other storage bit in the bedroom was put up last night, and the showerhead and controls were installed. 

What still needs to be done: Baseboards and trim around the doors, silicone toilet in, bathroom sink drain installed (the flange we had in mind is backordered and they decided not to tell us..), finish swamp cooler frame, finish installing the last board on the deck (up next to the house), seal the deck, install the cat box cover/bench, touch up paint, and wait until tonight/tomorrow to move furniture in because of the floor varnish. 

So, here are some pictures in no particular order. 

Alan and the dog atop what is now called Mt. Sealy Posturpedic

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