Saturday, July 2, 2011

Little things

The past few days have been all about getting the smaller things done, like the last door going in, drywall completely mudded and sanded, and getting the last of the stuff out of our apartment. Today, we textured the walls. While it would have been easier/cheaper to not use texture, it does cover a multitude of sins, and we like the inside looking as conventional as possible. 

Here are some pictures of the slider going in, and of the only measuring mistake so far--- we were off by 1/4", and it was remedied by removing a 1/2" OSB spacer...and shaving some off with a saws-all. Alan's uncle, Mr. Chick Bowdrie, is also helping us now. We are very, very grateful for all of the help we've had from family, this would be impossible without them. 

Mudding....a lot of it.

The slider is unloaded from the tractor. 

And does not slide into place. So we remove the spacer, and give it a little shave.

All done. The final sealing of all gaps and cracks comes in a few days. 

It was 105 degrees today, so we decided to tape the windows shut. While we were at it, we figured we'd spray some texture..

Taping and sanding. Yes, the floor is a mess...

 And it goes on. I was in charge of the 'knockdown' part of texturing, so if it's terrible, you know who to blame...
Oh wait, nevermind, it's gorgeous.

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