Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rainy night in California

Well, we didn't wash away, and got a darn pretty sunset out of it. Unfortunately, this is the worst kind of weather the desert has to offer-- 100 degrees and 70% humidity means not much gets done. 

Here are our kitchen fixin's: Cooktop, sink, on demand water heater for the sink, and the plywood for the countertop base. 
 This is the setup we have for work done at night, since it's finally cool enough at 9pm to not drown in your own sweat.
 The actual cabinets sitting where they'll go! They won't be on the floor like this; we're building bases for them out of 2x6's.
Last night we got some stairs, which is wonderful. It means no more climbing up and down a stepladder to get on the porch! Today the door to the screen porch was test fitted, and it works beautifully. Everything's a mess right now because we had to storm-proof at the last minute, and things still need to be able to go back under cover immediately, if it starts to rain.

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